Mine the gold in your data

We generate valuable information for your business through data analysis

We can optimize internal processes in your company:

creating models, searching for behavior patterns and generating predictive analysis through your data we can find solutions for your internal processes and critical areas of your business.  Cut down costs! 

Improve your customers experience:

With the information you are already handling, we can find patterns and analyze behaviors so you can customize your offer and services for your clients. Increase your sales!

Discover new lines of business:

Your data can start a new line of business or be valuable for a third party. We help you identify and take advantage of these new lines of business. Generate more business!

We discover solutions for any business areas,
but usually we are contacted for:

E-commerce, social and digital marketing

  • Event Detection

    Tevery event in the “real world” has its impact on social networks. With our solution, we can detect those “events” and measure the impact in any industry, company or context we are monitoring.

  • Brand Influence

    When contents are published, it is easy to lose control of its spread in social environments. We analyze the profile of social interaction with the contents generated by a brand.

  • User Knowledge

    GoldEngage is the solution developed by Piper for revolutionizing user knowledge. GoldEngage is the democratization of cutting-edge techniques in sale recommendation, up-selling and cross-selling from top companies, now available for anyone.
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Logistics and Industry

  • Predictive Maintenance

    Predictive maintenance is a step further in predictive maintenance planning. The application of intelligence to the story of every “machine” in maintenance aiming to foresee the moment when a potential incidence can take place; and to plan maintenance cutting down costs and maximizing client service.

  • Dispatch Planning

    We make daily/weekly/monthly predictions based on the number of “pieces” that need to be dispatched from a Distribution Hub to the areas of service. We make global and area predictions

  • Staff Optimization

    We offer solutions for shift planning and optimization of resources in tasks management, cutting down costs and idleness and maximizing production efficiency. We also take into account restrictions to business models: collective agreements, capacity, dedication, absences, work teams, task dependencies…

Retail and Wholesale

  • Optimization of categories and assortments

    We detect through algorithms which is the optimal reference for each category, identifying and analyzing the role of each product and category based on sales.

  • Demand Planning

    We anticipate demand analyzing the number of units sold for each product in different geographical and time-related frames, detecting a start product after the first month of sale.

  • Reference saturation and stock management

    With this solution we provide shop clustering, we determine the optimal product rotation for each shop and we establish the saturation rate of references in each category.

Banking and Insurances

  • Fraud detection

    We can find out which customers may have dubious intentions or are carrying out fraud operations and we anticipate to prevent them, minimizing its impact.

  • Risk index

    We can improve your risk estimates of accidents or credits being unpaid, providing peace to your business.

  • Pricing and offer customization

    We can find out the best way to approach your customers or keep them through customized offers that fit your preferences or needs, as well as your business

Let us know where you want to improve. We will dig through your data and analyze it until we find out the solution.


They already put their trust on us...

Find out what our clients say about us

Adolfo Cancelo, founding partner of Surus Inversa:
On top of their undeniable capacity, I want to stress their commitment to improve the list of services offered by Surus, always in a quick and intimate way. Piper has real talent.
Aitor Chinchetru, CEO in Wanna & COO in Fintonic:

Innovation, new challenges and good work are all characteristics describing the team at PiperLab. We posed a complex and tough challenge and they build the perfect solution: advanced in concepts and elegant in technology.

Carmen Navarro, Communications Director in Ticketbis:
As hard as a project might look, PiperLab manages to give life and form to data in a fast ad efficient way. Also, they have a team of decisive and easy-going professionals. In short, they exceed any expectation. Totally recommended!
David Alayón, Innovations Direction and partner in Social Noise
PiperLab's team is full of talent. Decisive, proactive, organized and well experienced in such a new industry as Data Science. Furthermore, they are totally results-oriented, providing a value proposal compared to big consultancy companies thanks to their fast and practical mind.
Gonzalo Herranz: founding partner of Escrapalia

We are still amazed with the implementation of GoldEngage in Escrapalia. Now we can send customized suggestions to each of our users based on their history of interactions in our platform. Thank you PiperLab!

Jaume Alcover, Marketing Director of Baxi:
Piper amazed us with their enthusiasm. It wasn't easy to solve the big amount of data and their combinations, but they managed to provide a project with positive numbers to work with
Miguel Ángel Aparicio, Regional Director (south area) of SEUR:

We created a big challenge to PiperLab and, up to now we are absolutely astonished with the results. Their market approach formula, knowledge of the industry and data-analysis capacity make them a safe bet.

Pilar Millán, head of social media in Grupo PRISA:

Pose a challenge to the PiperLab team; once you have it, the goals of the beginning will grow and your project will take a whole new dimension. Meetings are never boring. Piper always provides a fresh view when executing a project. If you know already that everything digital is a piece of data, talk with them.

We put our brains at the service of your company so you can find out new lines of business that were passing by.

We are Data Scientists and Business People, obsessed with pattern detection. We love numbers and correlations. We are mathematicians and our everyday life is to solve problems. The only problem is… day after day we love it more!




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