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We Enhance the impact of your business with our Data Science solutions Identificamos oportunidades para diferenciarte en tu mercado a partir de la huella digital de tus usuarios. We identify opportunities to differentiate yourself within your market based on your users‘ fingerprint. We make our Business Data Science available to the media and marketing agencies, extracting value from the large amount of information they handle with solutions that allow them to optimize their digital advertising investments, simplify the classification of their content and improve their distribution.

Why use Big Data and Data Science in Agencies and Media?

You will be able to obtain a more accurate view of the benefits you obtain with each advertising action, with each publication and content, with each recommendation, thus optimising the commercial effort, increasing the conversion rate, reducing the expenditure per visit and improving the loyalty of your customers or users.

Business Data Science.

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How do we help you?

We turn to these sources to give your business a boost:

Visit log: The records that are stored each time users visit the content of our website. They are key to understanding their behavioural patterns and interests.

Raw data from web analytics tools: The next step after the visits is the recording of all the users’ behaviour through the web: comments, clicks on content, advertising displays, etc.

Audience and advertising investment data: They are the key to understanding how your marketing actions work and what your competition is doing

Social networking: We capture user interactions with social network content in real time, thanks to our own modules. In addition, we enrich this information with our automatic detection algorithms for sex, age and geographical location.

Our solutions


Increase the visiting time and the number of advertising impacts that your users receive. Using Artificial Intelligence tools, we develop personalized recommendation algorithms according to your business objectives, knowing in real time the content that will generate the highest return.

Optimization of content distribution in SN

We help our clients understand which are the levers that make their social media publications their biggest successes, identify potential audiences by type of content or quantify how much competition they have in each of the content categories they share on the network.

Attribution models

Analyse the performance of your communication channels to make your next advertising campaign more effective. We analyse the User Journey of your users individually, developing attribution models that allow you to calculate the real benefits of your advertising actions.

User analysis: enrichment and segmentation

Boost all dimensions of your business by getting to know your audience better. We create categories that allow you to identify your users in order to understand their consumption habits, engagement levels and monetization potential.

Up and Cross-selling

Optimize your marketing effort based on data analysis. We process your users’ data to identify those most willing to consume new products and services, based on their personal tastes and needs. In this way we help you to build customer loyalty.

Automatic classification of text content

Use Data Science to facilitate open text analysis within your business. Using natural language processing algorithms, we develop automatic news and text tagging systems according to their content and hierarchies.

Who has boosted their business with us?

Pilar Millán

Social Media Manager – PRISA

Give the PiperLab team a challenge; Once you do, the initial goals will grow and your project will take on another dimension. Meetings are never boring, they always provide vision in the execution of projects. If you have already realized that everything digital is data, talk to them.

David Alayón

Partner and Director of Innovation – Social Noise

The PiperLab team is brimming with talent. Resolute, proactive, organized and with extensive experience in a sector as recent as Data Science. In addition, they are totally results-oriented, providing a value proposition compared to large consulting firms, thanks to their pragmatism and agile mentality.

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