Customer intelligence

Abandonment Prediction

Anticipate your customers’ reasons for leaving to improve your business management. We detect the causes of abandonment from the behavioural patterns of your customers and/or users. We help you identify the profiles most susceptible to drop out, developing measures to help you keep them and build loyalty.

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Why use this solution?

Know in advance your customer´s abandonment and the cause.

Detect behavioural patterns that are repeated during the customer´s life.

Be proactive and make decisions to retain your customers and build loyalty.

How do we help you?

We use these data sources to give your business a boost:

Internal data: Historical data of the client and internal information of the company referring to registered users, such as frequency of use of the service, consumption, interactions, etc.

Interaction data: Navigation cookies, logs and other data from website visits and marketing information.

External data: Prices, competition, market share, socio-economic indexes from the National Statistics Institute, etc.

Discover the boost we offer your sector with this solution:
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