Operation analytics

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence to improve your operations, reduce costs and maximize your resources´ potential. We develop solutions that allow better management of resources and tasks, optimize the supply chain by anticipating demand or detect improvements in production processes. Increase the efficiency of your operational logistics and/or productivity thanks to the data they generate.

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Efficiency: increase in productivity

Optimize your value chain with Data Science

Demand Forecasting

Optimize your business FoRecast

Incident Forecasting

foresees evEntualities to reduce its effect on your profits

Obsolescence Prediction

MakE the most of your resources thanks to our solutions

Risk Scoring

Make the optimal decision for the management of your business.

Task Optimization

ModElize your management processes with our algorithms.

Inventory Optimization

Increase the eFfectiveness of your inventory with our experience.

Assortment optimization

Maximize your sales potEntial by intelligently modifying your offer.