Operation analytics

Efficiency: increase in productivity

Optimize your value chain with Data Science. Thanks to the application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, we detect the variables that impact your processes and tasks to recommend actions that help you speed up management decisions and increase your productivity.

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Why use this solution?

Develop hypothetical scenarios to optimize your operations.

Improve the allocation and organization of tasks, according to the characteristics of your assets

Recalculate your productivity levels, easily modifying the parameters that determine them.

Increase your savings thanks to the efficiency obtained.

How can we help you?

We use these sources to give your business a boost:

Resource data: History of purchases, sales, warehouse movements, shipments, vehicles and any other operational data of your company.

Variables: Availability of the material, available personnel, vacation calendar and other data that directly impact the resources.

External information: Work schedules, temperatures and other information that influences the behaviour of resources.

Discover the boost we offer your sector with this solution:
Who have benefited from this solution?

Jaume Alcover

Director de marketing en Baxi

PiperLab nos ha sorprendido con su entusiasmo. No era fácil resolver la cantidad de datos, y la combinación de ellos, y aun así nos han presentado un proyecto con resultados positivos sobre los que poder trabajar.

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