Public Administration and Tourism

We analyse data to transForm the public sector governance and management of tourism. We use the data generated by public administrations for the benefit of citizens and the private sector. We develop projects with Big Data technology to, among other objectives, adapt the health service to the demand of citizens, anticipate the behaviour of tourism, improve mobility in cities and optimise the use of resources.

Why use Big Data and Data Science in Public Administration and Tourism?

You will be able to develop a more efficient offer and management of your resources, thanks to enriching the analysis of your data with external variables that directly affect your business.

Business Data Science.

W3 us3 int3rn4l and ext3rn4l s0urc3s, making sense of them to develop solutions that allow you to get the most out of your resources and services.

How do we help you?

Data sources:

Open data: Different public institutions, such as the INE, open data government portals or others, offer the possibility of using data that we integrate into our models in order to improve their accuracy thanks to the additional information that makes more sense of each client´s data.

Public entity data: Data such as public transport card user movements, data on training, courses given, educational offerings, qualifications; vehicle mobility data; public health data; tourism data; infrastructure and telecommunications data; etc

Internet of Things (IoT): Data from machines, motion and shock sensors, humidity or vibration meters, radio frequency identification (RFID), code readers, GPS devices, APP screenshots, etc.

Our solutions:

Dynamic Pricing

Improve the performance of your services by knowing the variables that modify their value. We analyse changes in supply and demand, events and other external factors to help you adjust the price of your tourist services according to the circumstances.

User analysis: Enrichment and segmentation

Get in-depth knowledge of citizens’ behaviour. We identify and analyse the characteristics and behavioural habits of the citizens for the development of a public service offer adjusted to their real needs.

Pollution Forecast

We predict the pollution levels of large cities, based on the analysis of historical pollution data and the incidence of external variables, in order to assist the public administration in making decisions regarding mobility, public health and environmental alternatives.

Mobility analysis

Harness the potential of data science to optimize urban mobility. We analyse the data of public and private transport users to identify the busiest routes, starting points and destinations minute by minute. Based on this demand, we help in the adjustment of resources, the management of exceptional events and the identification of infrastructures.


It efficiently administers public resources, setting the citizen as the protagonist. From a Research, Development and Innovation perspective, we explore the behavioural patterns of the citizens for the development of optimised services in health, infrastructure, mobility and education.

Classification in NLP

Optimize your response to users by automating the management of complaints, requests and comments. We apply Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques to classify and organize unstructured information, reducing potential errors in its processing and ensuring that the procedures are solved under objective parameters.

Who has boosted their business with us?

Francisco Sánchez Osorio

Head of the Evaluation, Studies and Formation Management Unit – FUNDAE

PiperLab, with an impeccable methodological approach and an adequate and well-focused deployment of tools and resources, responded perfectly to the challenges we had posed. It was easy to work with such an enthusiastic, proactive team, with absolute availability and maximum flexibility.

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