Data Innovation Project

  • Data Innovation Project is for you if you know the value of your data, but you don’t know how to make use of it or which projects you can manage with them. Or maybe you have a specific case and you want to assess it and see which information comes from the data.
  • Thanks to our team of Data Scientists with experience in your industry, we analyze your data and assess the different applications to add value to your business they have. We will offer a value case with the best technical and scientific approach.
  • The results of a Data Innovation Project is an analysis of your data, along with the economic viability of each suggested business case and an estimate of the return to your organization. In just 6 weeks, we will suggest the different use cases you can start based on the information provided by your data. We can help you set priorities and define a Data Science Roadmap to decide what to do with them.

Data Business Consultancy

  • Data Business Consultancy is for you if you already know what to achieve with your data. Your business poses a series of challenges that can be solved by analyzing the data it generates.
  • At PiperLab we analyze quantitatively your data, generate variables to define their behavior and analyze relevant points in the business case of your organization thanks to advance statistics tools.
  • We are experts in business and Data Science, therefore we can develop consultancy projects focused on your business case. We offer continuity so the value of your data generates a return in the long run.
  • We can offer a results report, which will be the starting point to take decisions based on your data, establishing recurring analytical actions to improve your business.

Data Team

  • Data Team is for you if you need expert knowledge to work with your team extracting value from your data.
  • The lack of resources from Data Science makes it difficult to create a team
  • At PiperLab we put our team to work closely in your project, encouraging synergies between them and making us of PiperLab’s philosophy to achieve success.

Data software Projects

  • Data Software Project is for you if your data offer a recurring value and you need to set an automatic process for collection, self-learning, analysis and update.
  • At PiperLab, we integrate the result of our projects with your information system, like software as a service, improving your decision-taking and searching for the best technological solution to handle huge amounts of information.
  • We help your data generate a recurring value for your business, thanks to our experience in Data Science and business to your needs.