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Behind each piece of data analysed there are people. At PIPERLAB we put them to good use.

The data is important, but the interpretation or the ability to make sense of it is more important and that can only be done by people. That’s why talent is paramount to us. Furthermore, we encourage creativity, inspiration, and human connections to go beyond metrics ,and see where others don’t see.

Maite Gilarranz
Maite GilarranzSocia
She is a boundless entrepreneur who has found in business the best way to fit her passion for numbers, software and customers
Javier Di Deco
Javier Di DecoSocio
When he is not messing around with the computer, he is often seen playing basketball or running after some other clueless data
Alejandro Llorente
Alejandro LlorenteSocio
Passionate about analyzing data to find things and they serve for someone. When he is older, he wants to become NBA player. In his spare time he enjoys listening to random songs.
Esther Morales
Esther MoralesSocia
Flexible and empathic, Esther is a connecting person, both at PiperLab and at home. In her free time, social life overwhelms her, Make an appointment in advance!
Jaime Reguero
Jaime RegueroSocio
Curious by nature, analytical to the core, thirsty for data to process! When leaving work, he becomes a householder and an amateur athlete
Patricia Pascual
Patricia PascualResponsable de Marketing
Energetic person. She manages time in an enviable way (or she has found watches with 28h / day). When she has free time,you will find her traveling or doing sports.
Alejandro Municio
Alejandro MunicioData Scientist
Industrial Engineer, He landed PiperLab from the aeronautical sector. His hobbies are mountain biking, chess, playing viola and hunting for mushrooms in the countryside.
Nacho García
Nacho GarcíaData Scientist
Amateur cartoonist. As a good geek, in his spare time he watches series like Big Bang Theory or Futurama. He thinks better when he`s walking, so don’t be surprised if you see him circling the office.
Boris Cabrera
Boris CabreraData Scientist
He is physical and loves to learn about everything: from microcontroller programming to acoustic experiments. Now, his goal is carpentry.
Sandra Fresnillo
Sandra FresnilloData Scientist
In his spare times Sandra enjoys Reading a good book, watching series or walking around his town. From time to time she also plays tennis or does puzzles
Isabel Lage
Isabel LageData Scientist
Isa is a physicist, and at any one time, she decided to trade molecules for data. In her spare time she likes to travel, watch good series, cook and go out for a drink with friends.
Marcos de la Oliva
Marcos de la OlivaData Scientist.
In his spare time, he can’t decide between being outdoors (possibly climbing mountains) or on the couch hooked on science fiction series and thrillers.
María Monsalve
María MonsalveResponsable de Administración
She is the national leader in Overhead optimization. Transparent, cheerful and practical, María combines her working life with her passion for baking and the restoration of abandoned objects
Domingo Cadenas
Domingo CadenasData Scientist.
Passionate about data and its applications in modern life. His curiosity drags him into new unexplored terrain, where only data have the answers, right?
Isidro Muñoz
Isidro MuñozTécnico y Administrador de Sistemas.
Passionate about exploring the world. Isidro is an inexhaustible friend, ready to listen to you at any time. He`s a dogs lover and an avant-garde musician.
Lorena González
Lorena GonzálezDesarrolladora front end.
Psychologist. She decided to change heads for computers because they are easier to understand. He likes movies (and popcorn!), playing guitar, and playing hockey
Nacho Fernández
Nacho FernándezBackend Developer
Cheerful and willing to help others. His greatest passion is sport, so in his spare time you will find him doing a half marathon, doing Mountain Bike routes with friends, or playing paddle tennis.
Chema Fuentes
Chema FuentesData Scientist.
He is a ‘problem solver’ by vocation. You will find him in a crossfit box, playing basketball or improvising a Jaime Oliver`s recipe. As long as his little son allows it.
Edmundo Santolaria
Edmundo SantolariaData Scientist
Physicist and specialized in meteorology. He changed water clouds for data clouds. When he’s not playing around with data, he’s listening to music or hiking with his wife, son, and dog.
Carmen Rodao
Carmen RodaoData Engineer.
In his free time, he loves playing paddle tennis, going for a walk, staying with friends, and enjoying paellas on Sundays.
Hyelim Park
Hyelim ParkData Scientist.
She is very curious about the world in general. She asks herself questions about anything. She likes to play with his cat, read books, learn languages and make cakes.
Cristian Lavieja
Cristian LaviejaData Scientist
In his spare time, you will find him on any athletic track, running non-stop or playing board games. And he never says no to a beer!
Luis Morillo
Luis MorilloData Scientist.
He loves music and traveling. His hobbies: playing the piano and guitar, playing chess, and cooking (but he confesses that cooking is more a necessity than a pleasure)
Victor Pita
Victor PitaData Scientist.
Very analytically minded, he is curious by nature: he loves to read and learn new things. His other hobbies are music, traveling, and cycling.
Victoria Arribas
Victoria ArribasData Scientist.
In her spare time, she likes watching series, going for a beer around Madrid and trying different sports, such as running, diving or climbing lately.
Silvia del Río
Silvia del RíoData Scientist.
She likes to browse the data and discover the relations in data, by designing and building models. In her spare time she likes solving riddles and staying with her family.
Sergio González
Sergio GonzálezData Scientist
His passion: cycling. He is always looking for new mountains to climb. When he is resting, he takes the opportunity to read, watch series, or chase the neighbors’ pets.
Germán González
Germán GonzálezMantenimiento y soporte de software.
His passion: music, (he trained and worked as a sound technician), but he has also been a dealer in a casino. He spends his free time with his friends, family and his dogs, or doing sports
Jose Muñoz
Jose MuñozData Engineer
You will find him participating in Software communities, visiting his family in Extremadura or trying to imitate at home, and without success, different dishes he eats outside.
Pablo Albert
Pablo AlbertArquitecto software.
In his spare time, Pablo loves to explore new worlds, whether reading, traveling or doing activities in nature
Carla Fernández
Carla FernándezData Scientist.
Since she was little, she was always interested in the computing world, and now she`s combining it with data analysis. She loves running, watching series and playing video games
Carlos Arechalde
Carlos ArechaldeData Scientist.
He loves to solve riddles, that`s why his hobby is chess (although he doesn´t spend as much time as he would like to). He also reads medieval fantasy, listens to football on the radio and plays a game console.
Álvaro Serrano
Álvaro SerranoData Scientist.
He is practical and methodical, tenacious and curious, he is always up for a challenge. He enjoys having a beer with friends outdoors, watching a football game or playing video games.
Juan Villansante
Juan VillansanteData Scientist.
His passion is the motor world. He doesn´t miss a Formula 1 race, and he loves collector’s cars. He also loves movies, so if you need a movie recommendation, don’t hesitate to ask him!
Javier Linares
Javier LinaresData Scientist.
He describes himself as a curious person who loves to learn new things. His passions (besides Maths) are playing the guitar, playing basketball and chess, and cooking

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